Blue Cat Audio has released a great tool for people entering VST plugin development world. It's called Plug'n Script, and it's fantasic!

Plug'n Script let's you build your own VST/VST3/AU/AAX plugins very quickly. You can write you own DSP code for processing audio/MIDI and create your own GUI using KUIML language. If you don't want to spend time developing the GUI, it can be created automatically according to the parameters you've added to your DSP script.

Although Plug'n Script is so great, there are few things about the default skin that can be improved. That's why we've developed our own highly customizable skin for Plug'n Script (version 3.3 and up) that you can use for free in non-commercial projects. If you sell your plugin with our skin, consider a one-time donation of $19+.

Download v.1.191

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