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I'm re-installing GainMatch and cannot find my licence!

Just contact us and we'll help! What you can also do yourself:

If you've purchased GainMatch on GumRoad, you can go to GumRoad Library and you'll find your purchase there. In the letter from GumRoad click "View content" and the link will take you to the page with your serial number and downloads.

If you've purchased GainMatch via 2Checkout, you can use 2Checkout Customer Support Area. Also you can search for the serial number in your email archives.

GainMatch doesn't show up in my DAW!

If you're on Windows, make sure you've copied not only the <GainMatch VST3.vst3> file, but also the <GainMatch VST3 data> folder. You can take a look at how to install.

GainMatch usually works fine in all DAWs supporting VST3, AU or AAX plugins. Make sure that your DAW supports any of these formats.
You can try REAPER (which usually works fine) to test if GainMatch is installed correctly.

If you have other questions: