About Us

We've been working in the audio field for the last 20+ years, doing recording, mixing, mastering and producing. Our goal was always to make the whole process more organized and convenient, and all our tools are designed for that.

There are some freeware tools we've made that enhance the functionality of Steinberg CMC controllers, add new options and fix bugs with iCon Platform M+ control surface. Arduino-based projects for working with MIDI drums and CC hi-hat pedals. 

In the audio plugins field we've started with a unique measurement tool designed for testing compressors and other dynamic processors. Also along the way we've made a highly customizable skin for Plug'n Script framework that is widely used by other developers.

Later on a first commercial and highly successful GainMatch plugin was released, collecting a great number of positive reviews on GearSpace, YouTube and other platforms.

It encourages us to keep on working on new projects in the audio field, as well as supporting and enhancing existing products.

You can always reach us via e-mail: support@letimix.com

and via Telegram: t.me/letimix

* Note: LetiMix is a trade name. This site is operated by
Orlov Ilia Sergeevich, INN 781436706445,
St. Petersburg, Russia